A cowboy in a love story.

He climbed off of his horse and slapped a dusty hat on the front of his pants. After spitting onto the dirt, he slowly walked into a dark, dingy saloon. His eyes glared at the people sitting inside. He shouted, “Who here has seen Laura?” Everybody became silent, no one answered. He walks around and glares at every single person, there’s people standing around the pool table stiff as a board. In the far corner he sees a woman, wasn’t so sure it was her. He got this mysterious look on his face, walks over to her, grabs her & says “ Lets go!” It was Laura, they go outside and start yelling at each other. He was devastated, he knew she was there with some other guys. He climbed back on his horse and startled off, she kept trying to tell him it wasn’t what he thought. But that’s what she does every time, goes to the bar & try’s to play pool with all the cowboys. She’s confused, she doesn’t know what to do. She try’s calling, texting & going to his house, but he wont answer her. He picks up the phone the last time she calls, he says “ Ill be right over, were going to get dinner”. He gets there, she climbs up on his double saddle, he takes off his hat & puts it on her head, she smiled. He takes her to the local diner, cause that’s all there really is in that town. They sit down, order, and start talking. They start figuring out their differences, choosing what’s best for them. She starts saying that she does like someone else, but the other person doesn’t treat her like he does.. You can tell he’s kind of shocked and wants to leave, but he doesn’t. After dinner, they both ended up back together. They live happily ever after!


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